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LAST UPDATED: July 30 -- Whew! Im really gonna have to edit this site more often. I'm removing the frame at the right since it is not working properly. I'll add some information soon about the PC version of FF7. It might take a couple of days since I still haven't bought the PC version yet.....

March 31 -- I've Created new buttons (imagemap).

March 29 -- NEWSFLASH!!!! If you want some news about the PC version OF FF7 then FOLLOW THIS LINK!

March 26 -- To all of you: Can someone please suggest something that I can add to this site? thanks!!! :)

March 5 -- I have heard a rumor that Aeris can be revived. I cannot tell you yet cause i'm still not sure if it is true, so that's all for now!

I must emphasize that the walkthrough and the Chocobo breeding guide was not made by me. I haven't got the time to write a complete one. Special Thanks to K. Megura for this walkthrough.


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