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Yellow Orbs

NameTranslation Effect
Nakeru NakeruThrow Throw a weapon at an enemy
Zeninage-- Coin Toss
Renzokugiri Renzokugiri-- Attack 2 times a round
MidareuchiQuad Attack 4 times a round
Tenkinowaza TenkinowazaEnemy Skill Learn and cast enemy spells
Ayatsuru Ayatsuru ManipulateControl an enemy
Nusumu NusumuSteal Steal from an enemy
Bundoru --Capture (Think FF3)
Miyaburu MiyaburuSense See enemy's Level, HP/MP, and weakness
Zentaisiri Zentaisiri-- Attack all enemies
Iainuki --Instant Death on all enemies. Will not work on bosses and can miss on regular enemies
Monomare Monomare-- Mimic
Hicchitsu HicchitsuDeathBlowHigher chance of doing a critical hit but if it doesn't do a critical hit, you will miss
WMagic WMagic--Cast 2 spells a round
Henka Henka MorphChange enemy into an item. Doesn't always works
Masutaa Komando Master Command have access to all commands with one orb

Note: The "--" means that I haven't got the correct translation yet.