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Name of Attack Name of Summon Effect MP cost
(1)Deathblow(2)Fat Chocobo *happens only 1/35 times used Chocobo & Moogle Wind Attack 14
Diamond Dust Shiva Ice Attack 32
-- Ifrit Fire Attack 34
-- Ramuh Lightning Attack 40
Anger of the Land Titan Earth Attack 46
(1)Gunge Lance *if enemy is boss(2)Steel-bladed Sword *if normal enemies Odin Spear attack (1) Instant Death (more than 1) 80
-- Leviathan Water attack 78
Mega-Flare Bahamut Mega-Flare 100
Tetra Disaster Kjata Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth attack 110
-- Alexander Holy Attack 140
-- Phoenix Fire attack + Life 2 on Party 180
Giga-Flare Neo-Bahamut Giga-Flare 140
-- Hades About 4000 damage and various status effects (poison, Slow, Sleep, Stop, mute, etc.) 150
-- Chupon Sneeze attack (Does not blow enemy away.) 160
Terra Flare Bahamut Zero Terra-Flare 180
-- Knights of the Round 13 different knights do different attacks resulting in 60000-130000 damage to all enemies. Very effective. 250
n/a Master Summon Have access to all summon spells with one orb