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Purple Orbs

NameTranslation Effect % up per level
HP up-- Raises max HP 10%
MP up-- Raises max MP 10%
HPMPirekae-- Switch HP and MP max levels (Strange...) N/A
Kageu GuardDefense up + guard other characters (not all the time) 20%
Tekiyose --More random enemy encounters N/A
Rakki--Luck up 10%
Supiido --Speed up 10%
Senseiritsu--More AP per battle (?) 10%
MajikaruMagic Plus Magic Power up 10%
Kauntaa CounterRandomly counterattack. Is more frequent when orb is in higher level N/A
ChokoboyoseChocobo Lure Able to get Chocobos while walking on their tracks/footprints N/A
Subetezentaika--Attack all enemies N/A
Gilu UP-- Get more gold after winning a battle N/A
Keiken UP --Get more EXP after winning a battle N/A (at Lev 1 you get 1.5 X EXP. In lev 2 you get 2 X EXP

NOTE: The % up per level indicates hom much the amount of the bonus goes up when the orb's level goes up. For example: HP up starts out with HP up 10%. When the orb reaches level 2, the effect will be HP up 20%. When it reaches 3, It will be HP up 30%, etc.