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Character Profile

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The information written below are based mostly on what I know about the X-Files. Also, some facts here maybe outdated since the X-Files here in the Philippines is just at the end of season three. Enjoy!

Name: Fox William Mulder
ID no.: JTT047101111
Height: 6ft.
Weight: 170 pounds
Hair: Brown
Eye: Green
Date of Birth: October 13, 1961
Address: Apt. 42, Alexandria VA
Tel. No.: (202) 555-9355
Education: Oxford University
Fox Mulder
A talented young FBI agent working in the X-Files division. Known as "spooky" by his peers, Mulder had interest in the X-Files due to his eyewitness account of his sister's abduction. As he discovered certain truths in the X-Files, he crossed over some very dangerous people. Among them are Cancerman and The Well-Manicured Man. You could say that Mulder is their pain in the @$$. Helping Mulder in the X-Files is his partner, Dana Scully.
Name: Dana Katherine Scully
ID No.: 2317-616
Height: 5 ft. 3 in.
Weight: (would a woman reveal that?)
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Green
Date of Birth: February 23, 1964
Address: 3170 W. 53 Rd, Annapolis MD
Tel. No.: (202) 555-6431
Education: University of Maryland
Dana Scully
Originally assigned to the X-Files to watch over Fox Mulder. Certain groups thought this was a god way to know as to what Mulder's up to. But in the end, Scully became his trusted partner, Scully was studying to become a doctor when she discontinued it because she wanted to become an FBI agent. She was sort of the neutralizer to Mulder-- her beliefs were directly opposite to Mulder's. I think it was because she is a Catholic. Another thing: her father calls her Starbuck.
Walter Skinner
The Assistant Director in the FBI. He is the one who is always under pressure because he is in between the fight of revealing the truth. He was once pressured by cancerman to close the X-Files division , which he did. After some time he opened it again (I think he wants the cancerman to get pissed off!). He can be considered an ally of Mulder and Scully.
Also known as the Cigarette Smoking Man.The arch-enemy of Mulder.Nothing much is known about him. What I do know about him is he has very powerful connections in the government. He also makes Mulder's job much more exciting
Deep Throat
The most reliable connection of Mulder to the government. Deep Throat knows most of all the secrets the government is hiding although he didn't reveal the most of it to Mulder. In his last appearance, he exchanged Mulder's life with a frozen alien specimen which Scully got (Although he paid for it with his life).
The successor of Deep Throat. His enigmatic personality is the reason why Mulder doesn't fully trust this guy. The information he gives to Mulder are mostly in riddles. In some episodes he even tested Mulder's ability. The last time I saw this guy is he was having a fistfight with Mulder just to get some sort of device (well, it's some sort of knife).

Well-Manicured Man
Besides having a ridiculous name, his background is still a mystery. All I know from this guy is he is so powerful even Cancerman is afraid of him. Also, he may be the leader of the organization that's trying to stop Mulder.